Yann Martel and Three Million

It disturbs me that the Holocaust is or has become a genre, just as there is a British tea cozy mystery. Is this an inevitable progression, that a collective trauma becomes shtick? Is the pot boiler Western the equivalent reduction of the genocide of Native Americans? The root of Tolkien based-fantasy (and this is pretty much the fantasy genre) is also the story of genocide, that is of ethnic populations at war. Three million dollars seems like a lot of money to pay for anything besides a bridge or highway or something.

I am still reading, btw, any submission to A Boy, a Cat, and a LifeBoat

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  1. mattbriggs July 22, 2009 at 8:07 am #

    Matthew Simmons was kind enough to ask me questions and I was niave enough to answer about this, here: http://htmlgiant.com/?p=12218

    I suspect this might be a diabolic ploy on Simmons although I can’t figure out the angle. I am merely paranoid, which makes me an edgy chess player, but not a good chess player. I will be facing Simmons and others at first Literary Death Match in Seattle on August 13.

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