Weird Deer! – More Oral Text on The SubText Collective

Weird Deer! is Travis Nichols web, bloggy, space that looks like a vital and interesting place. “Please, have a look around,” Nichols, writes, “listen in, and read up. We’re a home for cultural correspondence, so make yourself comfortable, and join in.” Just found this extension of The Stranger‘s brief history of SubText after getting the boot from Hugo House. Evictions are a time to give thanks to the landlord for having provided a roof over your head when they did provide a roof over your head, even if they are no longer providing a roof over your head now. Or as my father used to say, “What are you complain about, it’s food innit?”

Writers include: Matthew Stadler, Paul Hoover, Maged Zaher, Marjorie Perloff, Sarah Mangold, etc.

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