Wandering Hermit Review #2 Release Reading

From Steve Potter:

Wanted to let you all know that The Wandering Hermit Review # 2 is on the way! It’s gained forty or fifty pages and a stylin” heavyweight, glossy cover since issue 1 and is lookin’ pretty sweet, if we do say so ourselves!

For those of you in the Seattle area, we’ll be having a reading at Richard Hugo House on Monday, May 22nd. The reading will start at 7:30 and feature Seattle area contributors to the issue. Much thanks to Richard Hugo House for co-sponsoring the event!

Writers expected to read include:

Matt Briggs, Eben Eldridge, Jonathan Evison, Harvey Goldner, Tom Hansen, David Hecker, David Horowitz, Paul Hunter, David Christopher LaTerre, Stacey Levine, Steven Lohse, Priscilla Long, Martin Marriott, Jesse Minkert, John Olson, Geoff Pope, MaryLou Sanelli, Monica Schley, Stephanie Skura, Bill White and Maged Zaher.

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