Use Homophoner to Infuse Your Text with Homophones

This is great. It works very smoothly provided you insert ASCII text. It is simple. It is, well, evil. This Web-based tool will change your text into a homophone nightmare. Sadly, for me, I can’t really tell. I’m only unsettled, slightly:

Early inn thee film, thee young man back-from-the-war leans inn too kiss his brother’s wife. Thee young man back from thee wore is vary young. He has a long beard withe split ends, butt his skin is ruddy, and his lips are read and his teeth are thick and strong. His brother and wife are even younger and inn thee parlance of Hollywood, yew wonder how young they can bee? Are they still teenagers? wee don’t no thee actors inn this film, a search inn IMDB yields credits and thee credit themselves point too credit films butt they are things yew halve knot scene. thee young man kisses his brother’s wife wile his brother is having a tantrum inn thee forest. thee younger brother stands inn thee middle of a field of wiled daisies withe a stick.

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