Two New Stories Online

I have two new stories posted online, at The Mississippi Review and Slouch Magazine.

Mississppi Review
James Whorton Jr. has edited a collection of “Partly True Stories.” In his introduction, he writes, “The idea for this issue of Mississippi Review Online came out of the hubbub following the revelation that a certain memoir, made famous by Oprah, was partly made up. Credulous readers who’d swallowed that story whole were unhappy; literary types, connoisseurs of genre confusion, were delighted.” And this issue includes work by Pia Z. Erhardt, Gary Percesepe, Claudia Smith, and myself.

Slouch Magazine
The fine poeple at Portland OR’s Slouch describe their efforts as: “We try not to fill up our brains with too many opinions, so our ideas have plenty of room to grow. in a world of imitations, we get busy with the innovation. there are plenty of magazines out their for people having trouble with their mom or their ex-wife, for people who believe there’s nothing west of the hudson, or for people who think that “tristan” and “amelia” are good names for characters, but not SLOUCH.” Here is my contribution…

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