Trapdoor62 at Bumbershoot

Bumbshoot on Monday, 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm @ Alki Room
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I’m performing “Trapdoor 62: The Dream Interpretation Panel” as a prince along with Stacey Levine (as Maria von Franz), Anna Maria Hong, (as a Chinook Salmon), David Stutz (as Freud), Garret Fisher (as Little Hanz) and emcee Jeanette Allee. Interruptions will be provided by Shannon Borg and Amy Schrader. We recently performed the show in the Jewel Box Theater and I believed we actually provided a great deal of relief to audience members afflicted by troublesome dreams. People arrived to our Andre Breton Tent Revival carrying their phantom limbs and neurotic fantasies and using our patented, scientific spiritual formula of medication and righteousness set them right. If you have a troublesome dream, write it down and come in to have your suffering transformed into a beautiful song.

Co-produced by The Po Show, Fisher Ensemble, and GlobalArts.

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