Trapdoor 62: The Dream Interpretation Panel


Trapdoor 62: The Dream Interpretation Panel

October 2, 2005, July 22, 2006, and September 4, 2006

presented by The Po Show and The Fisher Ensemble

Using only words, an Indian harmonium, and a sonabulist, a panel of writers and musicians interpreted the meanings of the audience’s dreams. All attendees received a dream to be interpreted at the door, or could use their own dream. The ongoing presentation experienced periodic disruptions and outbursts. The 2006 shows were performed by Denis Johnson (pictured), Stacey Levine, Matt Briggs, Garrett Fisher, David Stutz, Anna Maria Hong, Amy Schrader, Maggie Santolla, Erik Benson, and Shannon Borg. Jeannette Allée moderated.


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