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I’ve posted a new story at A Boy, a Cat, and a Lifeboat Blog, called “Tony:”

There is the boat, a white speck, a tiny thing, a toy boat, a boat with two shapes in it.  There is a boat with a boy with a peach fuzz mustache, and a tan drinking water out of a gasoline can, and Tony the Tiger of Kellogg fame.

Tony the Tiger is hungry

Tony the Tiger is hungry.

I hope you consider sending me  a story, too. The premise is very simple. The title says it all. A short story about a boy and a cat (of somesort) stuck in a lifeboat. Writers who have contributed to the blog include Claudia Smith, John Olson, Justin Dobbs, and Brandon Scott Gorrell. If this sounds familiar it is because a Canadian writer lifted the story from a Brizilian writer a few years ago in much loved book, that I have yet to read, called The Life of Pi. Please send your story to me at matt(dot)briggs(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like to contribute something.I published a sequence of these stories in my last collection of stories, The End is the Beginning.

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