The Seattle Times on The Strong Man and Publication Studio

The Strong Man / Seattle TimesMatthew Stadler and I will talk about the Publication Studio this Friday at Third Place Books in Ravenna. Last week, Mary Ann Gwinn, The Seattle Times books editor, talked to us for her book column Lit Life. While talking to her I began to realize how odd my actual publication experience is … and yet everyone writer I know has similar stories of long weights, sudden exposure, just as sudden plummets into obscurity, and encounters with both visionary publishers (or at least publishers willing to squander real money on publishing books), calculating business people, and lunatics. Mary Ann Gwinn wrote after asking how I had published my books:

Briggs still writes books. But this time around he’s trying something different — for his new novel, The Strong Man,” set during the first Gulf War, he’s being published by a Portland-based publisher called Publication Studio with a very stripped-down business model.

You can read the entire profile here.

I think I inadvertently inundated Mary Ann Gwinn with the minituea of print runs and distribution problems, and in general she managed to get everything right. However, I think the Black Heron Print run was around 1,200 copies (not 600). It sold out at the distributor early in the publication cycle, but there were still copies from the initial run in storage. By the time the remaining copies were taken from the warehouse and put into distribution the demand for the book had run its course.

On another note, Clear Cut Press’ publisher was (is?) Rich Jensen.

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