The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat


John Olson has a new book? Who knew? Well aside from John Olson and Calamari Press. I just noticed that a new title had appeared in the list of his books on his bio and then looking at The Sleeping Fish magazine’s web site, I found they had a press and that one of their books is this book by John Olson, The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat. I hope the cat survived or that it wasn’t the The Riverside Shakespeare dropped on the cat.

Olson writes, “The night I thought I dropped Shakespeare on the cat I felt the reprieve of the man who accidentally goes through a red light without getting hit, the relief of the man who falls from a high cliff only to discover he’s been dreaming. But the relief isn’t immediate. It takes a little time.”

I will purchase the book from their web site.

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