The Form and Deformed Knock Knock Joke

Knock Knock
Who’s There
Racoon who?
Racoon pushing a shopping cart.

I read a book of knock knock jokes to my daughter. I told her knock knock jokes. And she learned them. Almost.

Explaining knock knock jokes is no fun:

1. Find a sucker.

2. Say “Knock Knock,” to your sucker.

3. The sucker says, “Who’s there?”

5. Reply with the setup. Example, “Orange.”

6. The sucker repeats the setup as a question followed by, “who?” Example, “Orange, who?”

7. Reply with the punch line. In general this will be a pun based on step 5, or a response based on the sucker’s question (step 6). Example, “Orange you glad to see me?”

Explaining the deconstructed knock knock joke is less fun than no fun, so here’s an example:

Say: Knock knock.

Sucker: Who’s there?

Say: Maggie the interrupting cow.

Suicker: Maggie the int–

Say: –Moo!

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