The End Poll Results

On November 11th, 2004, a sample of Seattle’s population was polled regarding their habits and mores in the event of the End of the World. Asked, if you could take one thing with you to the End of the World, what would it be?

A Big Blue Knife
A Blanket
A sense of humor
Arlde, my bear
Foot and hand warmers (I’m already wearing a jacket)
Hope or a really dramatic soundtrack
My car, it’ll be quite a journey
My cat
My family and friends
My friend Audrey
My husband/best friend
My pillow
My wife
Pictures of my family

The greatest number, 50 percent, of respondents said of their family members (including pets) they would eat their fish or exotic pets (scorpions, snakes, newts) first. The fewest respondents, 1 person, said they’d eat themselves first. All other participants said they would eat themselves last.

Asked, “At what date did the world end?” polls indicated:

6% Sept 15, 11,153 B.C.E
20% Oct. 12, 1942 C.E.
34% Aug 8, 1974 C.E.
34% Dec. 10, 2000 C.E.

6% Nov. 2, 2004 (write in date)

The End of the World Generator

On November 11, it was foreseen that the world will end in an attack of diseased pictures of my family.

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