Thank You Nabakov, Longview WA

bothell.jpgA couple of weeks ago I read in Bothell at the U Bookstore on the UW/Cascadia CC campus with Eli Moore. He and his friend played a lot of great songs from Eli’s new band named “Lake.” There were horn parts, for instance, that the two musicians sounded it out with their mouths. They also sang an old song from Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music. For the lit game, I asked people who came to to the reading to write a thank you card to a musician, writer, video game, whatever, that had provided them a meaningful experience somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Say, they read Lolita in Longview, and it meant something to them. Write a note to Nabakov. They traded their notes and affixed them to a map of the Columbia River drainage.

Here is a PDF of their postcards. (11.2 MB PDF)

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