Talk with Vadim Tabakman and Matt Briggs at InspireX 2017

Workflow as Microservice

Use the Nintex Platform as a Microservices Platform

Use the Nintex Platform as a Microservices Platform
Vadim Tabakman and Mat Briggs, Nintex
Tuesday 2/14 at 10:45 a.m.

InspireX | February 13-15, 2017 | The Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA

Want to develop for the Nintex Platform? In this session, we explore using a microservice pattern to create solutions that can leverage your investment in the Nintex Platform and legacy workflows. We will look at how you might implement hybrid solutions, third-party APIs, and how to rapidly deploy and stand up your own REST services to address edge case requirements. We will also cover custom actions and inline functions to extend Nintex Workflow.

As a result of this session, attendees will learn about the Nintex Workflow for Sharepoint External Start, using third-party APIs in your workflow, and creating your own API with tools such as Windows Azure’s Severless functions. You can create a set of loosely coupled, very specific task oriented workflows and processes to deliver your solution. In addition, you can leverage processes designed in Nintex Workflow for use in other services in your system.

Vadim Tabakaman
Vadim is currently a Technical Evangelist for Nintex. Nintex makes automated workflow and document generation software. He began working as a developer in the gaming industry working on mainframe VOS OS, dealing with Slot machine serials communication protocols, and creating test-tools and line monitoring software with Microsoft Windows 2000. He has worked on software for electronic forms and in the security industry.

Matt Briggs
Matt is a Programmer Writer at Nintex. He has been a programmer writer, technical writer, and analyst at companies such as Microsoft, Expedia, Disney, Iron Mountain, and Nordstrom. He’s worked on data retention, ultrasound machines, medical imaging software, and the ecommerce system of a department store. Matt has also published eight works of fiction including The Remains or River Names which just appeared in translation in Italy published by ad est dell’equatore (translated by Fiorenzo Iuliano). A new work of fiction, A Frog In My Throat, will be published laster this year by Dr. Cicero Books.

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