Taibi Mastelse paints Shoot the Buffalo

Shoot the Buffalo by Taibi Mastelse

Shoot the Buffalo by Taibi Mastelse

Brooklyn artist Taibi Mastelse posted a picture of a small painting she made based on my novel Shoot the Buffalo. It is oddly evocative of the novel in ways I hadn’t thought of — star bursts on linen. Too, my father has been taking snapshots of his hiking trips for decades. He is not exactly a nature photographer. His pictures are quick snapshots like family photos. Instead they are of lakes, trees, and rocks. There aren’t any people in his family photos. I used to spend a lot of time drawing with my friend as a child. We had endless drawing contests, and my friend always won. We would draw sheets of customs, sequences of animal/human hybrids, and a lot of 18 wheelers. Mastelse’s drawing remind me of these drawings (only better of course). She has drawings of cat people, dresses, and other things. Check it out. Thanks for the painting, Taibi.



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