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Clothing Mandatory, Style Optional


Corey Feldman in the 1980s wearing the uniform of the 1980s. In 1984 there was only one jacket and one band.

I have never owned distinctive clothes. I can recognize the use of such things but I never wanted anyone to look at me in public. I don’t want them to ignore me, but I am content if they don’t bother me. I can remember the times I have been chided for things I wore. I had a green sweatshirt, a Generra sweatshirt, where the fabric at the cuffs and collar turned lime in the wash machine. The sweatshirt itself retained a deep green, but the cuff and collar turned lime green. A girl in my class noted this … “your shirt,” she said, “clashes with itself.” The phrase blue and green will never be seen crosses my mind sometimes. I have still have green clothes.

When I dress, sometimes I’m afraid that I look like a park ranger. Continue Reading →

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