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Final State Press has just released my new collection of stories

Final State Press has just released my new book, The End is the Beginning, a collection of stories I’ve been writing since 1998. This is the first book I’ve published with Final State, but they plan on releasing a novel next year, The Double E, and hopefully more books after that. I wrote many of the stories for reading series and events around the Pacific Northwest, including the Brontesaurus, a day long celebration of the Brontes at Richard Hugo House, a writing resource center in Seattle, back when Rebecca Brown was the Writer in Residence there. Although it was, one of the first I wrote in this collection; it wasn’t published until last year in The Clackamas Literary Review. Most of the stories are about the end of the world, death destruction, and other light subjects. I wrote one story, called “Caffeinism” after I suffered a serious reaction to an overdose of caffeine. I wrote another about the day I was activated for the first Gulf War. And another is about the end of reading. Stories have been in mags such as Seattle Magazine, First Intensity, The Raven Chronicles, and The Wandering Hermit Review, and Web sites such as The Mississippi Review (Web), Smokelong, Slouch, Semantikon, and The Steel City Review.

You can purchase the book at Amazon, Powells, or Lulu.com (where you can get it either as paper or PDF). If you are interested in reviewing the book, email me at matt(dot)briggs(at)gmail.com.

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My Books in Google Books

Matt Briggs's books on Google Books Search Three of my books are available through Google Books, Misplaced Alice, The Remains of River Names, and my book to be released soon by Final State Press, The End is the Beginning. The entire contents of each books is searchable. Large portions of books published by Final State Press are available. The Remains of River Names, offered through Black Heron Press, has a much more limited preview. It is weird to see keywords called out: Charlotte Bronte, Branwell, grunions, red velvet cake, Tony the Tiger, caffeine, dump truck, soft boy, lifeboat, peach fuzz, greenbelt, Lake Union, Seattle, skinhead, scullery maid, animal ears, black helicopters, Puget Sound, Crown Hill Cemetery

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Matt Briggs – Semantikon November 2007 Feature Posted

Matt Briggs SemantikonSemantikon.com has a feature of some of my current and upcoming work on their Web site for November. Semantikon is an arts community created and maintained by an international collective of artists, educators, and technology professionals. In addition to ongoing monthly content including visual artist, literary types, a library of 130+ public domain works (free so poor college students can afford to drink), it also has a television station called cell logic.

My work features an excerpt from a new novel, The Strong Man: Confessions of a Bacon Smuggler, to be published in the fall of 2008 by Final State Press. Semantikon also has excepts from The End is the Beginning, a collection of stories to be published by Final State this spring along with a re-issue in paper, ebook, and iphone format of my other books (The Remains of River Names, Misplaced Alice, The Moss Gatherers, and Shoot the Buffalo.) The books will be released in similar formats, with less typos, and other modest improvements. Semantikon also includes the full version of an essay I wrote a couple of months ago, “Pacific Highway South: Best American Strip City,” MP3s of my reading three short short stories, and a broadside.

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