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PowerPoint Off: Matt Briggs and Doug Nufer

An audio visual duel to the death between a hippie and a business man.

PowerPoint Off (Poster)

On November 18th, 2008 at 7:30 PM at the Jewel Box Theater in Belltown (free of charge), Matt Briggs and Doug Nufer will present their “roadmap” for the future of the community writing organization Richard Hugo House. Neither is affiliated with the organization. And neither are you. Present your own vision of the future at powerpointoff.blogspot.com or come to the party to heckle, cheer, and consider: is a community writing center a halfway house or school? (PDF Poster | FaceBook Event)

The Jewel Box Theater on 2322 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121; 206.441-5823.X2; Jewelbox@seanet.com

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Doug Nufer’s X-Mas Card to the Wor(l)d (via Subtext)

Doug Nufer read at the SubText Reading Series this past year, and it has been posted: Merry Christmas.

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Samuel Delany Proposition at The Science Fiction Museum

Samuel Delany
I saw Samuel Delany speak at the Science Fiction Museum as part of Clarion West’s reading series. He read from his recent novel, Dark Reflections that has been called an alternate autobiography. (Steven Shaviro has a good review here.) It follows the story of Arnold Hawley, a gay black man and poet, whose ambitions, aspirations, and even sexuality becomes derailed not through any climatic event but through a lifetime of hesitation and observation. In his reading, Delany introduced the book as a kind of story to let the aspiring writers in the creative writing program where he works know what they are in for if they kept at writing and not paying attention to more wordily concerns. Although he made it sound like a kind of cautionary tale — I suspect this kind of advice to writes in a writing program is like standing on the edge of a cliff and warning the lemmings that they are headed in the wrong direction. Lemmings don’t even speak English — the pieces he read portrayed a man at peace with just possessing powers of observation. Unlike the other science fiction writers I heard read at Clarion West’s series, Delany portrays a rich, sensual world that is completely ambiguous in its meaning — there wasn’t a morality track or narrative track keeping the reader cued into the meaning of the work.

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Jack Straw Writers 2007 – May Readings

Jack Straw Writers 2007

Beginning on Thursday next week I’d like to invite you to the performances and recording of the 2007 Jack Straw Writers. Musicians Paul Rucker (5/24) and Dennis Driscoll (5/31) will play music. Writers Willie Smith, Kathryn Trueblood, Laurie Bluaner, Doug Nufer, Anna Maria Hong, Howard W. Robertson, Charles Potts, Susan Landgraf, Cheryl Strayed, Corrina Wycoff, Molly Tenenbaum, and Vis-A-Vis Society will read. Each event will happen at the Jack Straw Studios (4261 Roosevelt Way NE; Seattle’s U District) at 7 P.M. May 17, 24, 31. The 2007 Jack Straw Anthology will be available. In addition, a podcast and blog featuring these writers is already underway at: http://www.jackstraw.org/blog

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Jack Straw Writers 2007


The Jack Straw Writers blog has just posted the list of 2007 Jack Straw writers:

Laurie Blauner (Seattle)

Anna Maria Hong (Seattle)

Susan Landgraf (Auburn, WA)

Doug Nufer (Seattle)

Charles Potts (Walla Walla, WA)

Howard Robertson (Eugene, OR)

Willie Smith (Seattle)

Cheryl Strayed (Portland, OR)

Molly Tenenbaum (Seattle)

Kathryn Trueblood (Bellingham, WA)

Corrina Wycoff (Seattle)

Vis-�-Vis Society: Sierra Nelson and Rachel Kessler (Seattle)

They will read this spring in May (May 17, 24, 31), appear in the Volume 11 of the Jack Straw Anthology. These events will include music. Dennis Driscoll is playing! They will also include these excellent writers. Check out Jack Straw for more info.

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READING, BOOK LAUNCH, RECEPTION: in celebration of O Street

7:30 pm, Wednesday March 14th at The McLeod Residence, a Belltown

gallery located at 2209 2nd Ave. in Seattle.

There will be snacks, wine, books for sale, live music by Tom Albers,

and poetry and prose readings by: Lisa Albers, Curtis Bonney, Matt

Briggs, Daniel Comiskey, Diana George, Anna Maria Hong, Stacey Levine,

Melanie Noel, Doug Nufer, Trisha Ready, Deborah Woodard, and Corrina


For more information about the McLeod Residence, or O Street.

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In Portland, Last Phase One at the Towne Lounge


Garett Strickland is moving his great reading series in Portland from its digs at the Towne Lounge. This Sunday, September 24th will be the last installment. There is a great all night coffee shop nearby. At the end of the street, there is an actual forest right in the middle of Portland. The Towne Lounge (714 SW 20th PL 8:00 P.M. FREE!), one block up from PGE Park, where Morrison merges with Burnside. Large building with pillars, door on the left with ‘LOUNGE’ spelled out right above.

This is one of the few reading series that features writers from both Seattle and Portland in Portland on a regular basis. It promises to create greater peace and understanding between our two warring cities. This Sunday Portland writer Monica Drake (the only writer to ever publish an entire novel in The Stranger) will read alongside Seattle writer Doug Nufer. There is even music. The line up:

Monica Drake
Cynthia Nelson
Eric Greenwalt
Doug Nufer
and Swallows

And here is the new Phase One Web site.

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Leg To Sand On

Thursday March 16th I read at the Oseao Studios space as part of Doug Nufer‘s ongoing series, A Leg To Stand On. Anna Maria Hong read ear bending poetry (sonnets) and Charles Mudede read a sequence of “literature” about the fuzzy line between live and death. I read a new short story., “The Ice Cream Man Cometh.” The readings take place at 7:45 $5 donation. 1402 E. Pike St., above the American Artificial Limb Co. info: 206-324-6379

A note from Mr. Mudede.

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Above the Artificial Limb Company

You can access a live reading by John Olson, Stacey Levine, and Doug Nufer recorded on April 21, 2005. Here.

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The Two Dollar Book Bin

On the somewhat damp sidewalk in front of a Twice Sold Tales, a local chain used bookstore outlet in Seattle on lower Queen Ann, a store front that used to house Titlewave Books and a reading series named The New Reading Series at Titlewave where I used to sit mum in the small regularly attending Sunday audience in the mid-1990s and listen to great local writers such as Stacey Levine, Dan Raphael, Willie Smith, Anna Mockler, Ron Dakron, Belle Randall, I found a copy of my first book, The Remains of River Names, in the $2.00 bin filed next to a thick guide to Microsoft Access 97. It does not bode well to be filed next to a guide to a nearly ten year old edition of computer software.

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