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The Cryptolex — New Definitions Daily

new definitions daily

new definitions daily

The Cryptolex posts new definitions for new and old words, daily. It is inspired by the fantasy or off dictionaries of Ben Marcus (The Age of Wire & String), Ruth Krauss (A Hole is To Dig), Lewis Carroll, and Jorge Luis Borges. Where Borges might write a story proposing a new dictionary of things that exist but have not been defined, Marcus and Krauss began to work on them. For instance, Kraus defines, a party: “A party is to say how-do-you-do and shake hands.” A dictionary matches definitions with short sounds and organizes them alphabetically, usually.

If you are interested:

  • Add or vote for dictionaries or books that feature made up words / definitions at Goodreads: The Cryptolex List.
  • Send a definition list to me at matt(dot)briggs(at)gmail.com.

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