My new novel, The Strong Man, is one sale now

The Strong Man by Matt Briggs

Jank Edition of The Strong Man on sale now

My new novel, The Strong Man, was just posted to the Publication Studio Web site. You can buy the book in a uniquely printed, print on demand paperback trimmed and assembled at the Publication Studio in Portland, as a DRM Free PDF ebook, or you can access a social media space hosting the entire book. In the social media space you can ask questions, add comments, or contributor whatever you like to each page of the book — kind of like a book in a bookstore where the proprietor encourages book browsers to leave messages on post it notes and stick them in the pages.

Tom Paine who wrote a novel about the Gulf War, The Perl of Kuwait, said of my book, “Matt Briggs shows us the realities of the “new war” that started with the Gulf War. In clear, strong prose he takes us deep into the truth of that forgotten, almost invisible, but tragic war.”

Thanks for your interest. You can find the book on here on the PS site. You can also find an excellent interview with Matthew Stadler conducted by Matthew Simmons about the Publication Studio on HTMLGiant.

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