Spin the Bottle – 60 Second Max!

Friday, November 3rd, 11pm
This month’s edition is our 2nd Annual 60 SECONDS MAX! Featuring over 50 acts, each no longer than 60 seconds, including:

  • Music from Erin Jorgensen, Voxy, Rick Miller, Miss Mamie Lavona (the Exotic Mulatta) and Her White Boy Band, Kevin Cameron, Sumac, Scotto Moore, Niceol Blue
  • Contemporary dance from Laura Curry, Lori Dillon, Juliet Waller, Dayna Hanson, Jessica Jobaris, and Crispin Spaeth
  • Teatrics from Seattle School, Beth Peterson, Keith Hitchcock, Orla McGovern, La Nell Guiste, Val Bush & Cory Nealy, Mark Siano;
  • Spoken word from Matt Briggs, Mary Purdy, Charles Legget, Annette Auger, Brian McGuigan
  • Spontaneous painting by Susannah Anderson
  • Plus a professional Britney Spears impersonator, belly dance, tap dance, banjo, opera, stop-motion porn, slam poetry, competitive tattoo application, grown men playing toy pianos…

…and much, much more. That list barely covers half of the acts.

All held together with the “my name is legion” panache of our host, BRUCE HALL.

Annex Theatre’s Monthly Cabaret: the first Friday of every month, brand new performances every time and never the same show twice!

On the first Friday of every month Annex Theatre presents a late evening of unusual performance. Performers of every description present short works that range from the unusual to the simply indescribable. The show starts at 11pm at Capitol Hill’s Oddfellows Hall, on the second floor in the East Hall Theatre, 1529 10th Avenue (map). Admission is only $9!

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