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Anna Maria Hong on Doug Nufer and John Yau
As an old film noir soundtrack faded out, host Chris Putnam took the stage. Noting that the night’s event had no title, he proposed several based on anagrams of the readers’ names, including “A refund guy—oh, Juno!” and “Donahue, fungo, jury.” — at The Poetry Foundation

Doug Nufer’s New Book
The Mudflat Man b/w The River Boys – Ace Double format / one book in two (STRB-002) can be found online at soultheft records. Mr. Nufer is reading at Barca on August 22nd. I suggest you leave a walkie-talkie at Barca and come to the Rendezvous Tavern to drink and participate in Trapdoor62 and then listen to another reading while watching Trapdoor62! That’s just a suggestion, but it could very well work. It would be a reading in Ace Double format.

Get Your Novel Published
Fryan Masters recently sent me this note:
If you know anyone who has a snappy manuscript that has been
failed by the traditional route of publishing–perhaps you could send that lost soul to the site I work for now–there resides a contest whereby, if they won said contest, their book would be published and given the once over by a professional editor, book designer and they would also receive book coaching, consulting and OH SO MUCH MORE. Here is the deal, here. It’s twenty-five dollars to enter.

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