Sigmund’s Dream Machine

The mind’s energy is a fluid and malleable force capable of excessive and disturbing power.

1. Sigmund’s Dream Machine will encode a prohibited desire. Either a character or YOU! Must have an unlawful or forbidden desire. What is the desire? {The Object} is the desire.
2. Write a list {The Desire List} of words associated with {The Object}.
3. Substitute {The Object} with a word associated with the {The Object} .For instance the father could be become The King. This is {The Substitute}.
4. Write a short narrative of a mundane sequential nature, such as grocery shopping trip, getting ready for work, going to the clinic for a physical.
5. Break the narrative into five segments.
6. Replace the objective of the mundane sequence with {The Substitute}. Thus, a story about driving to work might become a story about driving to The King.
7. Apply to each segment the following CONDENSATION CODE. Fuse words from {The Desire List} with words or images in your narrative segments. A desire for sexual congress with rabbits fused with getting ready for work would then result in a rabbit foot shaving brush.

A wish can be satisfied with imaginary wish fulfillment.

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