Short Story in TRNSFR Magazine – The League of Bears

I’ve been meaning to post that my two copies of TRNSFR Magazine, featuring two alternate covers in a kind of perfect bound matchbook-style wrap around cover arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. The magazine includes a ton of great work by the likes of Jac Jemc, Nate Pritts, AD Jameson, Heather Momyer, Cris Mazza, K. Silem Mohammad, Jennifer L. Knox, Marc Olmstead, Shya Scanlon, Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert, Keith Higginbotham, David Ehren-stein, and Paul Maliszewski. They published my story “The League of Bears,” which I wrote for the first Opium Magazine Lit Death Match in Seattle, where I was defeated by Ryan Boudinot. Boudinot was in turn defeated by Matthew Simmons. I believe TRNSFR is accepting submission for issue three right this minute. My story begins this way:

My wife bloomed in her late thirties. She had always been pretty, but pretty in a cute kind of way. Her inner geek trumped any fashion sense. When our old Mac PowerBook, which was known for running way too hot, hot enough to leave second degree burns, cooked its hard drive, she was the one who unscrewed the lid, and cut open the protective foil with an Exact-o knife to swap the drive. Late in the summer of her 37th year, she experienced a transformation. She lost a bit of weight. She focused her geeky energy on vintage dresses. She began a regime of mild exercise and became sexy, kind of as a hobby.

I, on the other hand, began my rapid decline into middle age. I had expected this based on the physical appearance of my uncles. They were short, bald, fat hermits who lived frustrated lives of randy irritability.


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