Shoot the Buffalo, Steal This Book

Last week, Clear Cut Press let me know that the second printing of Shoot the Buffalo will be back from the printer at the end of July.

Not only is the first time (and I hope not last time) any of my books has had a second printing, but it is the first time this has happened:

Dude, I’ve been reading your novel, which I think is DYNAMITE — I could go on and on about that. But it’s funny… I stole the book from the library at a senior living apartment building on this big Christian compound. A radio station Spirit 106 or whatever comes out of that place, and another station too. I was doing temp work there a couple of weeks ago. On my lunch break I was looking around in their little library room thing and I saw your book. I’d been meaning to read it since I’d read the ad for it in the flap of C. Ambrosio’s Orphans. It was so weird to find it there. They have all the employees pray together every Thursday morning, it’s a pretty conservative place. The day I stole the book I quit the job. Anyway, I was just thinking, maybe you donated the book to that library because you have family that lives there or something. If that’s the case sorry, let me know and I’ll mail the book back, I’m almost done with it.

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