Seattle Public Library – Notes on Misplaced Alice

Misplaced AliceFrom Nick:

I put a hold on a copy of Misplaced Alice and it was transfered from the central library to the capitol hill library where I picked it up. I haven’t read it yet but leafing through it I found some stuff written in pencil in what looks like a girl’s handwriting (loopy cursive). I’m gonna tell you what it says:

“???” above the title of Deneth.

“Like it but don’t feel fully satisfied” after Ida’s Breakfast.

a smiley face after Where I’m Not.

“good” after Soul Saver.

“paragraph 1 sucks, loved the rest. clever! suspenseful” after Three Cats.

“was (word “was” underlined) interested but ending is totally anti-climactic” after The Wedding Party.

“not sure about letters, like in other story. great charac.” after XEROX Boxes

a smiley face and an exclamation mark after False Teeth.

“ok” after Misplaced Alice.

“??” after Upstairs Crow.

“kind of entertaining / humorous, but also really hokey” after Help Wanted.

“wtf?? cracked out…” after Does I Owning?

“hm good, decent @ least, I wish there were a little more ending” after On the Radio.

Thanks, Nick.

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