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Seattle Magazine The New WeirdBrangien Davis writes in her article about Stacey Levine, Rebecca Brown, Matthew Simmons, and my new book. Seattle Magazine also include part of Stacey’s story, “The Tree,” which is great of course.

It’s great to see the slippery of sense of realism that seems part and parcel with local lit attempts at naturalism. In a longer article, Davis could have mentioned that most local lit attempts to bill itself as “realistic” but end up coming out likeH. L. Davis’ 1936 novel Honey in the Horn, Ken Kesey’s Sometimes a Great Notion, Geek Love by Kathryn Dunn, or more recently Tom Spanbauer’s Now Is the Hour. Davis’s article reminded me of an article Clark Humprey wrote in 1998 for The Stranger.

Davis also wrote: Seattleite Briggs is no stranger to the new weird, and this story (first published in Seattle magazine, October 2007), is among many of a similar ilk in his new collection, The End Is the Beginning. Briggs says he’s been influenced by folk tales, where “weird things happen that wouldn’t make any sense in life…but they make sense in the story.”

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