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Leslie Bussert, the UW-Bothell libraries, and Jared Leising, a local writer and teacher at Cascadia, have been working on a community literature collection at the UWB/Cascadia Comm College library.

Leslie poins out that they are having trouble with the “authors page,” becuase:

“I’m still struggling with the authors page – mainly because I had a
heck of a time tracking down local author blogs. I think that’s
because a) not everyone uses their names in their blogs, making them
hard to find via a search engine, or b) they’re not from our area. So
I’ve listed about 12 regional author sites/blogs, and basically my
criteria for including them is that I actually found them and they had
content beyond a writing sample and contact info.”

Jared asks that if if you ahve any suggestions regarding this particular aspect of the
site (or other parts of it) please send them.

Also, if you’re a local writer and would like to be listed on the
author site please send a link to your site or blog, and if you are
listed and would prefer not to be, please let me know that as well.

Send them to: Jared Leising

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