Review of Shoot the Buffalo at Hebdomeros

Shoot the Buffalo functions partly as a reflective critique of the bohemian counter-culture lifestyle, offering a cautionary example of living life in such a free-wheeling way. But this heart-breaking story ends on a sense of hope as we see Aldous making those first steps away from his upbringing and becoming his own person and willing to take on all the things his parents tried so desperately to avoid in those woods.
Hebdomeros Blog, Washington DC and Baltimore.

Hebdomeros presents one of the few (maybe only?) comprehensive lists of literary events in Washington DC and Baltimore. He also writes about the travails of being a writer in the crack between DC and New York. Both cities have long, standing small presses, writers, and bookstores. Baltimore has Atomic Books and Normals. Washington DC has The Writers Center. The other blog in Baltimore is Lizzie Skurnick’s Old Hag, a blog with hardly any information about Baltimore but a churlish charm and sometimes disconcerting obsession with New York publishing fads.

The Too Beatiful, the blog also mentioned Shoot the Buffalo recently.

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