Review of Bed by Tao Lin and Upcoming Readings

Bed by Tao Lin
I have a review of Tao Lin’s book of stories Bed in the current Stranger. I have been trying to write 250 or less word reviews (as per instruction) and this is the first one. I hope to have more soon. I will I hope perfect, one day, this size of review. This review isn’t there, I admit. I admire Robert Christgau‘s brevity but music I think lends itself more directly to a kind of consumer evaluation. I can’t bring myself to do this with books and I don’t think it works as well anyway. Ideally a review, I think, provides a point for an entrance for an interested reader (and not everyone may be interested) to join in the conversation generated by the author. Tao Lin I think encourages a conversation about being a writer in the context of the internet. His books aren’t purely incidental to this, but they do feel at this point ancillary to the main action. Tao Lin will be reading at The Elliott Bay Book Company at 7:30 on Tuesday (7/31) next week and 7:00 at the UW Bookstore on Wednesday (8/1).

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