Resuscitating Utopia

Resuscitating Utopia, Richard Hugo House, 2005

Contemporary Music, Literature, and Art from the Oregon Territory
Spring 2005
Presented by Richard Hugo House, 4 Culture, and Allen Foundation For the Arts.

In the spring of 2005, I presented a series of performances addressing the idea of utopia as reflected in Northwest Art. In March, writer Rebecca Brown collaborated with visual artist Nancy Kiefer to look at the Northwest Mystic Painters. In April, the series looked at the communal experiments of the 1960s with a utopian demonstration and reading by former Seattleites Novella Carpenter (a survivor of an Idaho hippie childhood) and Raymond Mungo, whose memoir, Total Loss Farm was described recently in The New York Times as “the best, and surely the woolliest, book written about that era’s communal living and back-to-the-land movements.” In May, Rich Jensen a writer and musician who has been involved in a number of utopian enterprises, collaborated with Phil Elverum, a musician from Anacortes who has recorded music as The Microphones and Mount Eerie.


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