Report on the The Atlantic Basin Initiative

My trip to the lands in the east was incredible and for me too brief. Rich Jensen, the publisher of Clear Cut Press, operated as a small press impresario. He organized a traveling show that included two novelists, a photographer, and the band/multimedia projectionists of YACHT, aka We Two and The Universe. We had accommodations, transportation, and on many occasions food.

Our party included: novelists Stacey Levine and me, an immersive laptop video lecture from We Two and The Universe (Jona Bechtolt & Claire L. Evans), laptop computer dance/sculpture/community rite from Lucky Dragons, and impromptu photo shows from Daniel Peterson.

Space 1026 was grubby and the audience small and attentive. It was in an art space plastered with posters, silk screened images, and stencils. An iron wall safe from previous eons was used to hold buckets of paint.

We arrived at PS1 about a half-hour before our show. In Astoria NY a traffic officer refused to have his picture taken but patiently figured out where we were and where we were going and confirmed our trajectory. At the gallery where we were going to read, more than a hundred straight backed wooden chairs, sat empty and waiting to be filled. It was a vast hallway. In such a space a normal reading sized crowd will feel dwarfed by the empty seats. This was the not the case. A bustling line of people appeared minutes before the reading to gain entry. Several people actually had to stand along the sides of the room. Stacey Levine read and the unlike the attentive audience at Space 1026, the P.S.1 audience felt free to laugh when she surprised them. I read, and I imagined I could hear people listening. Jona and Claire did their show/music. It was all great.

The following day I had to embark on a quest to find pork buns for my wife (there is an east coast/west coast battle over the quality of bow, and from my estimation the east has us beat.) And then I took the strangely long trip West– the plane was delayed for no explicable reason and I arrived mere days before it became it March.

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