Report from Catch That Beat 2

I drove from Seattle on a very warm Saturday to read at the Catch that Beat 2 pancake breakfast. I was sorry to leave so late because I was going to miss several bands that would have been good to see such as The Watery Graves. On the drive I noticed that many of the strip mall stores along I-5 employed massive balloons to attract visual attention. The balloons trailed long flag covered stalks that tethered them to the ground. They looked like massive weeds, and most of them were so far above the parking lots of the the strip mall stores they lost any connection.

A summary of the events at Catch That Beat 2 can be found here on YACHT’s blog. Alas no mention of Rich Jensen’s talk about the Five Things he learned from Hippie-Americans nor the reading by Tom Blood. But the pancakes were hot, the blackberries were semi-frozen, the coffee copious, and the site of the event — the Astoria Yacht Club under the Old Youngs Bay Bridge — splendid.

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