Regional Typeface?

New York City has a typeface, and several foundaries. In this case the Hoefler Typefoundaries face, Gotham, could be said to be a New York face. London has Times New Roman. California has a typeface and the foundary, Emigre. Perhaps Modua could be a said to be a Californian face, although I think the entire Emigre set would be better representation. Does Seattle, with Adobe (aka Aldus) have a typeface?

Gov. George E. Pataki said in his Fourth of July cornerstone speech that the 20-ton block came from the Adirondacks, “the bedrock of our state.” He did not note that its 26 words were set in a typeface steeped in local origin, developed four years ago at the Hoefler Type Foundry in the Cable Building, at Broadway and Houston Street, by Tobias Frere-Jones, a native New Yorker.

The typeface, Gotham, deliberately evokes the blocky, no-nonsense, unselfconscious architectural lettering that dominated the streetscape from the 1930’s through the 1960’s in building names, neon signs, hand-lettered advertisements and lithographed posters.

From the New York Times:


New York, then, has a typeface.

California has a typeface. I think the range of faces produced by Émigré [] make sense, reflecting a mix of Californian things, the digital aesthetics (fonts designed to suite bit map production), embracing faddish fashion, the infusion of Hispanic culutre, and also the influx of high modernism that came as a result of getting a buch of German professors before World War II.

Modula (early font to fit bit maps)

Fairplex (based on strip mall hand painted signage)

I wonder if Seattle has a typeface? We’ve had Aldus and then Adobe, so we must have civic minded typedesigners in the city. Maybe Warnock Pro?

Designed by Robert Slimbach, Warnock Pro is a new Adobe Originals type composition family named after John Warnock, the co-founder of Adobe Systems, whose visionary spirit has led to major advances in desktop publishing and graphic arts software.

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