Reading Under the Crushing Presence of the SeaHawks

I read/performed with Eli Moore and Grant Fairbrother at Isadora’s Books and Cafe in Snoqualmie at three o’clock this last Sunday.

They had good coffee. They provided us with a lot of space. And the barista on hand managed to rope in a very modest audience. However, she dickered with them on the sidewalk while they nervously glanced at Eli and Grant’s amps. They came in despite the potential in the amps to make more noise then they wanted to endure while they are their late lunch. The audience ate their late lunch and listened. So along with the entire Clear Cut Press sales force (aka Daniel Mitchell), the band, the cafe staff … we had an audience. Eli played his plaintiff songs. Grant squeezed various sympathetic groans from his 1980s analog synthesizer. And I read from my book set in the woods not far from the cafe about people slipping around the mud, and getting lost in the forest and drizzle.

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