Reading At White Center – October 5th

I’ll be reading from <a href=””Shoot the Buffalo my recent novel from Clear Cut Press at the White Center King County Public Library Branch at 7 p.m. next Thursday, October 5th. (11220 16th S.W. * Seattle 98146 * 206-243-0233) The reading is free.

White Center is the even more working class neighborhood than the working class neighborhood of West Seattle.

I wrote this sometime ago about White Center (which has genitrified a great deal in the last five years):

Although both the city facing slopes of Queen Ann and Capitol Hill are padded with pricey homes, in Seattle, the higher you go, the poorer the neighborhood. Nothing was taller in Seattle than White Center. The very tallest places rose up into the hazy white sky, washed by the chilly smell of the distant fir trees in the mountains and the perpetual grumble of airplanes falling toward Sea-Tac and Boeing field. These were the projects, the only actual government housing in all of Seattle, aside from the re-appropriated military housing below the Veteran’s Administration on Beacon Hill. The Hilltop projects housed the poorest of the poor in the poorest neighborhood in the poorest part of town that was the last to receive asphalt. Even the chain stores that tried to make a go of it elsewhere in Burien could not penetrate White Center. West Seattle was a middle class neighborhood populated with secretaries, waiters, and cooks, it supported a McDonald’s at one end and a business district at the other end–but the further the bus went up the hill, the more distressed the neighborhood became. The green belts grew wild. The blackberries grew thick and overgrown and crowded onto the sidewalk and scuffed vacant lots.

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