Re-issue of Shoot the Buffalo by Jank Edtions

Shoot the Buffalo from Jank.

Shoot the Buffalo from Jank.

My book, Shoot the Buffalo, will be available through Portland’s Publication Studio as a Jank Edition on November 12th, 2009. The studio has this to say about themselves:

Publication Studio began as a six-month experiment at the University of Oregon’s White Stag facility in Spring, 2009. A publishing project with musician and printer Phil Elverum, in April, 2009, gave the experiment legs and, in Summer, 2009, the remains of an Instabook III printing and binding machine gave it a body. Our storefront opened in Fall, 2009, thanks to the generous provision of space by the Ace Hotel. Publication Studio was founded and is run by Matthew Stadler and Patricia No. (For more information)

Shoot the Buffalo, was initially published in 2005 by Clear Cut Press and by the late 2006 the print run had sold out, and the book went out of print. Being out of print wasn’t too bad because people who were interested in the book could find used copies are stray new copies at booksellers such as Powell’s. So being out of print in 2006 wasn’t like being out of print in, say, 1980.

Earlier this year Kevin Sampsell asked me whether anyone was going to reissue Shoot the Buffalo, and at the time the prospects of this seemed grim. I had in fact had an agent who at one point who seemed enthusiastic about the possibilities of finding someone to reprint the book, and she found there wasn’t a single press.

In talking to Kevin Sampsell, I noted that a Portland press with a great reprint series gave up on reprints because booksellers don’t seem to think they sell. I’m sure this is based on hard evidence. I also said:

In fact, there have been a number of books that have come and gone that I feel an affinity with, but they are now out of print. For instance, After Nirvana by Lee Williams and Well by Matthew McIntosh are two books about the Pacific Northwest that are really great, but have just kind of slid away. So if someone is cracked enough to start a small press focusing on contemporary Pacific Northwest fiction, there is a line up to start with: After Nirvana and Well. It could be a book club or something.

Well, a venture has come along that will reprint Shoot the Buffalo and they may very well have the wherewithal and ingenuity to publish other out-of-print books as well and other assorted printed material that is perhaps unsuitable to the retail economy of print runs and physical shelves. On November 12, I will be reading in Seattle with Matthew Stadler, Bruce Benderson, and John Roderick. The occasional will be the release of new books, including Shoot the Buffalo and Benderson’s great novel about the moirés and manners of North Pacific America, Pacific Agony and their availability at the Sorrento Hotel lobby.

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