Publication Studio Opens Three Store Fronts

This from my friends at The Publication Studio:

Many of you don’t live in Portland, or perhaps do live here but are busy or away. Please forward our news and the attached invite to anyone you think might enjoy the party. We’d love to meet your friends. So here it is:

Dearest Pioneers,

Thank you for trusting us with your beautiful work. For the last 10 months we’ve been asking the writers and artists we admire most to let us print and bind their work, make the books available to the public, and then see what comes of some hitherto-untried strategies for building a public, which is to say a readership and also a market.

We’ve had dinners, lectures, cocktail debates, 10 am gin parties, art exhibitions, collective writing experiments, an online “reading commons,” and numerous trips to other cities to spread the word in person. Notably, we have not had reviewer copies, paid publicity, bookstore readings, or any of the conventional engines of desire in the book marketplace. The key to our method, as you know, is “just-in-time” production of books: the ability to make one book for one reader who wants it, and then make another for the next and then another, and so on and so on, over and over and over.

Along the way we’ve learned how to make a public and keep it growing, how to expand the circle of readers and waste little or nothing along the way. Thanks entirely to you pioneers, our business is growing, and we’re about to make a move that puts what we’ve learned fully to work.

On July 1 we will open our very own for-real PS storefront at 717 SW Ankeny, in downtown Portland! We’ll now have a 24/7 dedicated space for producing books, hosting the social life of production, and housing gatherings where the bigger conversation around books can take place. At the same time our first two sibling studios — Publication Studio Berkeley, CA, and Publication Studio Vancouver, BC — have begun producing their first books and hosting their own gatherings. Meanwhile, we will launch our literary periodical, WEEKDAY, edited by Patricia No.

Please come be our very special guest on Thursday evening, July 1, 6 – 10 pm. Get a copy of WEEKDAY. Have a cold beer. Our friends Lisa Schonberg (ex-Explode Into Colors) and Jonathan Sielaff will play some music. And if you want to make plans with us about the future of your book (or another book you’ve been wanting to make) let’s make a date. We can have a publisher’s lunch! We’ve learned a lot this year about the best ways to support your work and give it a long life. We look forward to doing that,

Matthew & Patricia

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