Virility Rituals of North American Teenage Boys

Virility Rituals of North American Teenage Boys tells stories set at the boundary between real men and boys in man drag. In the title story, a man tells the various myths associated with his manhood from the Breakfast Club inspired obsession with "Elephantitis of the nuts" to an unexpected bodily testing sequence executed under the florescent glare of middle school lights. The characters in the fourteen stories live in the shadow of a failed macho culture. These stories have appeared in Birkensnake, The Chicago Review, Filter Magazine, MonkeyBicycle, Roethke Readings, Spork, and TRNSF Magazine.

“Great fun. Read these stories in one fell swoop then spend the day wandering around in a state of marvel at our bizarre existence.” — Kelsey Nelson, author of Smart Girl, Dumb Love

“Well-written, northwest infused with surreal twists at every turn these stories tend to stay with you for a bit after reading.” — The Seattle PI

“This book is border line erotic, yet the author Matt Briggs keeps it from crossing that line. I would recommend this book to anyone studying Philosophy and/or Psychology of men. It you are familiar with Philosophy and the ideas of Lawrence Kolhberg, this book is written from stage 1 of thinking to about stage 4.5. Again an interesting read to say the least. (4.5 out of 5 stars) — Tyler Jason at LibraryThing

The Review of Contemporary Fiction wrote of Briggs’ stories, “As with the songs, the stories are all about life out of kilter, told with charm from the perspective of the odd as norm, not so much magical realism than delightfully pernicious absurdity.”

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