The End is the Beginning

I had seen the movies. I had read the books. I had dreamed of this moment, often.

The Plague of Fur began, as such things do, with a faint smudge of peach fuzz. The fur, once invented, contained the capacity to grow and spread. Like all life, it wanted to make more of itself. Reality is played out anyway.

The End is the Beginning is a collection of fifteen short stories. These stories have appeared in magazines such as The Wandering Hermit Review, Semantikon, Seattle Magazine, Slouch Magazine, Mississippi Mud, The Mississippi Review, The Jack Straw Anthology, The Clackamas Literary Review, First Intensity, The Raven Chronicles, Smokelong Quarterly, and The Steel City Review. They were also written and first read for a number of reading series including It’s About Time, The Titlewave New Reading Series, A Leg to Stand on, the Brontësarous, —  an eighteen hour marathon reading about the Brontës — The Red Sky Poetry Theater, and What the Heck Fest.

Some Stories Online:

Reviews of The End is the Beginning

“Briggs’s style is expressionist, and has the eerie, detached quality of Barry Yourgrau, Lydia Davis and Russell Edson. … Briggs uses fantastical scenarios to shock readers into awareness about the directions in which humanity seems to be headed—the jump from the world of despair in the stories, to our own existence, in Briggs’s hands, doesn’t seem that far.” — The Raven Chronicles

“As with the songs, the stories are all about life out of kilter, told with charm from the perspective of the odd as norm, not so much magical realism than delightfully pernicious absurdity.” — The Review of Contemporary Fiction

“The experiments in his stories are subtle little knives that do their damage very sweetly, and I highly value the direction he is heading by opening up this new collection to the brave new world of electronic publishing.”
Trevor Dodge, author of Yellow #10 and Everyone I Know Lives On Roads.