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Clear Cut Press and Kick(KickBall) at Orca Books in Olympia on October 8th, 2006

Stacey Levine, Corrina Wycoff, and I read at Orca Books on Sunday October 8th. Kick(KickBall) who was going to play vanished between our correspondence earlier in the week and the day of the event. We delayed the reading. Emily at Orca smiled and warned me that things often start late in Olympia. There was fine drizzle on the street. I had coffee. I looked at books. I contemplated buying a book by John Ruskin afraid its presence on my shelf would oppress me because I wouldn’t read it. I wanted the book, but if I had the book it would just nag me that I hadn’t read it, and I wouldn’t read it. After about twenty minutes Emily said we had better start if we were going to finish. Sam Lohmann who contributed an excellent poem to the Clear Cut Future anthology was there. He said he was starting a new magazine called Coyote Mint. which looks to be a thoughtful production. He said it will be a hand-sewn xeroxed booklet with a letterpress cover and there will only be several handfuls of copy sold in Olympia and Portland. I don’t think Seattle has a place that can sell a book like this left. Perhaps Open Books could? We started reading, and the band had not arrived. Someone asked whether they should call them? They called — and then left. We finished reading and began to play a fairy tale game that Stacey had created. And then, a woman who lived in the forest with my family in the 1970s arrived with her husband who she had lived with then. They lived at the top of the hill. Their names were Farr, and they had a wooden sign at that said “Farr Out.” My parents spent many nights at their house listening to Shine On You Crazy Diamond and JJ Cale. She left. The reading was over. And I left as this was the only thing left to do.

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