Mini-Interview on Blogging with Matt Briggs (Illinois State University)

Reading, Writing, & Blogging

Reading, Writing, & Blogging

Steve Halle interviewed me as a writer who blogs as part of his creative writing course at Illinois State University. His syllabus says:

In addition to this, you will develop other valuable skills contemporary writers use to turn the habit of writing into a professional practice including generating new work, critical reading and written response, blogging/online presence, performing work on the page and aloud, submitting work for publication, and sharing critical responses to texts.

In response, I talk about how blogging and writing books and a book I am working on for Jank Editions, A Channel Manifesto.

I see blogging, the production of a steady stream of text, as an important part of my writing practice. It is however separate, or tangential to writing stories or books.

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