Matthew Stadler Leaves Clear Cut Press

At a bizarrely controverisal party/fundraiser in Seattle last weekend, editor and co-founder of Clear Cut Press, Matthew Stadler, announced that he was turning over the reigns to his business partner Rich Jensen and leaving the small publishing company.


The second series of the press (due to start coming out this fall) will include “Bruce Benderson’s gothic travel memoir, Pacific Agony, commissioned by Clear Cut and being published simultaneously in French, by Rivage (Bruce is the only foreigner ever to win the coveted Prix de Fleur); newcomer Danielle Dutton’s groundbreaking S P R A W L, a prose poem that jams Lisa Robertson’s intelligence and music into a Jane Austen-ish scrutiny of the manner of being in those new landscapes we continue to call suburbs.”

Reported by Chas Bowie in The Portland Mercury.

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