Text Mining Borge’s Library of Babel to discover The Quixote

I have been driving my wife crazy for years thinking about Borge’s “The Library of Babel.” The fact is, it is not infinite. Infinity seems like a binary thing. There is infinite, and there finite. And if it is finite, isn’t it knoweable?

The Library of Babel

The Library of Babel

Borges writes: There are five shelves for each of the hexagon’s walls; each shelf contains thirty-five books of uniform format; each book is of four hundred and ten pages; each page, of forty lines, each line, of some eighty letters which are black in color. There are also letters on the spine of each book; these letters do not indicate or prefigure what the pages will say. I know that this incoherence at one time seemed mysterious. Before summarizing the solution (whose discovery, in spite of its tragic projections, is perhaps the capital fact in history) I wish to recall a few axioms. [The image is from hyperdiscordia that also has the story.]

I finally realized it might already be online, and here it is. Now to begin text mining the Library of Babel to discover The Quixote.

Update: Here is a search engine in The Library of Babel (in English and French)

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