Launch of Reading Local: Seattle

Yesler Lit

Yesler Lit

I posted my first, I hope of many posts, for Reading Local: Seattle, a book site that aims to cover locally produced events and books with profiles, reviews, and event aggregation. I’ll be writing material and working with editors and writers such as Roger Weaver, Amy Schrader, Chris Dusterhoff, and John Olson.

About the site I said:

I read at a small press fair in Portland this last spring, and was grateful for the coverage of the event and curious about the other events in Portland that Gabe Barber posted on his Reading Local: Portland site. Gabe seemed aware of the fact that things are in a transitional state, that somehow whatever happens is going to involve what they call social media, that is Web tools that allow for the instantaneous sharing of information. And he had built a site with a specificity of mission that matched my own interest: books written by people who live near me.

If you are a producer of lit events, coordinate a reading series, an open mic, please include me [matt(dot)briggs(at)gmail(dot)com] in your notices. I would like to help get the word out about your event. You can also contact me about your upcoming book, magazine, zine, Web site. Thanks.

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