Large Contiguous Land Mass

Large Contiguous Land Mass

What is Greenland exactly? It used to be a continent but has since been down-graded to an island, not even an island unto itself, but according to Wikipeda “an island associated with North America.” In a map of actual continents Greenland is grouped with North America.

I have an atlas. An atlas is a book people used to use that contained maps drawn by cartographers and had very little to do with satellite images. An atlas is a type of book like a dictionary that the Internet does better and I suspect it will disappear. In my atlas, Greenland is missing. It is pictured in the Arctic Ocean. The Western Coast of the island appears in the map of North America. But, there is no map of Greenland. So on one hand, as a large shape distorted beyond its size in by the Mercator projection designed to fit a round world on a flat and square book, Greenland benefited. It was even called a continent. On the other hand in a book, Greenland could go missing because it did not handily fit into North America or Europe. But, Greenland as many other marginal things has a place on the earth and a place on the web.

I imagine that life in Greenland would be frustrating. Where are you exactly people might ask? Greenland you would say. Is that in Wisconsin? Commercial goods would be difficult to find because whose market would you belong in? There wouldn’t be a VP of Marketing for Greenland. The North American VP of Marketing would be concerned with Canada, U.S., Mexico, etc. The European VP concerned with Europe.

Greenland, too, will most likely become an archipelago as the ice caps melt. A vast portion of Greenland is hundreds of yards under the level of the current ocean. In the future this will be sea ringed by the whatever remains above the higher ocean. Greenland will sink, and unlike Atlantis only few people will know it was even there. There used to be a continent that was really an island. Here is my atlas I will use to show them and will have to explain what an atlas is…

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