KGB Bar with Kate Benson and David Levinson

This from The New York Sun: Fire and ice took center stage Sunday at KGB Bar. Matt Briggs, author of “Shoot the Buffalo” (Clear Cut Press), read a fictional scene about hypothermia, while David Levinson, author of “Most of Us Are Here Against Our Will” (Gardners Books), read a story about a woman who ritually burns her deceased son’s belongings as part of her grieving process. Kate Benson, author of “Two Harbors” (Harvest Books), also read. Her literary agent was spotted in the audience.

Also attending were Tao Lin and Nick Antosca, who are contributors to the first issue of Opium magazine, a biannual literary journal launched in late August. The magazine already existed online, but this is its first venture into print. Todd Zuniga, the magazine’s founder and editor in chief, was also in the audience. The Knickerbocker asked him if it was easier to publish online than in print. “118 percent easier,” he said.

The magazine’s Web site advises, “[W]e do not, despite our title, encourage drugs and their use.” Mr. Zuniga described how he came up with the name of the magazine. He was an associate editor at Official PlayStation Magazine when Van Burnham, author of a book on the history of video games, asked him on an escalator, “How long have you been at OPM?” Mr. Zuniga kept repeating the sound of the letters ” OPM
— Oct 13, 2005, Gary Shapiro

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