I would like my Rimbaud on 10% Hemp Paper, Please

Finally a reason to go to a bookstore, becuase when this thing rolls out, the bookstore will always have the book you want, they’ll have the book you’ve written in stock, and if you are curious about the book written by your cubicle mate, they’ll have it, too.

Another way of looking at this, is that the race is on betwen a beatiful handheld book reader using digital ink and a books-on-demand machine capable of producing beatiful handheld books.

In all of this racing though, it doesn’t look look good for the old fashioned bookstore. I doubt though that the chains, large businesses, will be able to deal with the transformation of the bookstore. What will a bookstore look like when you can buy/download any book? Will it just be a box to choose paper, see a writer read, and meet with fellow readers? Will it be more like Cold Stone Creamery than a Baskin n’ Robbins?

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