Hippie Tradition: Oxymoron?

It often seems that not only were the hippies in their twenties hostile to folks who was older (don’t trust anyone over thirty) but they also applied this hostility to anyone who was younger. How often have you heard an old hippie say, “You weren’t theeeere, man.” How would it be possible given this stance to create a tradition or legacy? I think that such a project is antithetical to the hippies. They probably see the phrase, “hippie tradition” as an oxymoron. I think this might account for the popularity among hippies of the quote attributed to both Grace Slick, and Robin Williams, and whose origin has been appropriately be lost, “If you remember the sixties you weren’t there.” And yet the hippies managed to have a lot of children and even managed to get very, very old.

A search in Google for the phrase “hippie tradition” actually turns up the term in active usage.


One Response to Hippie Tradition: Oxymoron?

  1. jpeek345 March 14, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    This is a good platform. But I am going to side with the hippies. I’m 42. I’m a musician and am influence by 60s music…just talking out loud.
    The hippies were trying to be aware that they actually Could be “self aware”- coming from a monolithic, McCarthy era (I’m also Scottish), post-Eisenhower parting speech,”coming of age”.
    Look at any movement where Nature itself was compelling you to “grow and tell.”
    I’m sure Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Harvey Milk, and Susan B. Anthony all felt like s*** and didn’t know Who to trust.
    Sort of like ones mind when they use Cntrl+V and nothing “pastes”. 🙂

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