Goodnight Snoots

In my child’s empty room
There was a Pooh Bear
And a new loom
And a box full of–

Four hungry hippos butting snoots
And 40 high ho cherries Os in baskets

And Douglas a unicorn signorina
And an elephant ballerina

And a tiny carriage
And a toy marriage

And a book and a mark and a mug full of tea
And a smart pill bug who was preparing a plea

Goodnight room
Goodnight snoots
Goodnight hungry hippos butting snoots

Goodnight light
And the new loom

Goodnight cherries
Goodnight fairies

Goodnight signorina
And goodnight ballerina

Goodnight ozone
And goodnight phone

Goodnight carriage
And Goodnight marriage

Goodnight book
And goodnight tea

Goodnight e-mail
Goodnight plea

And goodnight to the smart pill bug who was doing preparing a plea
Goodnight drain

Goodnight rain
Goodnight voices everywhere

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